The overall design of the online course is solid. I like those well-made PowerPoint slides. I also found the additional reading materials could greatly help me better understand the models and their use in the real case. Models that I learned greatly helped me in structuring my data analysis. Plus, all instructors are very responsive in email correspondence. I would highly recommend the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt program to anyone wanting to expand knowledge

Vishal Kohli – Assistant Manager – Sunlife Financial

As a student in Vindati Solutions, I gained both the skills and confidence to thoughtfully use a variety of process improvement approaches in my work. The instructors in each course were patient, understanding, and highly skilled. I would highly recommend the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt program to anyone wanting to expand their analytical and process improvement skills. Vindati Solution is a fantastic Institute that truly changed my career trajectory for the better!

Chetan Singhal – Sr.Program Manager - Amazon

Learning at Vindati Solutions has been a fantabulous and enlightening experience. The effort, assistance, and individual attention provided by every faculty member are simply commendable ensuring that every single student is meticulously carved out and well-polished by the end of the curriculum and is ready to face the challenges posed by the world. Individual-directed & student-specific counseling provided by highly experienced people goes that extra mile in grooming

Rahul Virmani – Assistant General Manager – Power2SME

Vindati Solutions is one of the best institutes for Six Sigma Training, after working with different people in different companies within the Six Sigma field I am committing this. The knowledge you gain will always make you proud, you feel very tall in terms of your knowledge among your peers, colleagues, and seniors who were trained by very well-known other institutes of Six Sigma and working for years in the same field.

Shiv Shankar Mishra – Deputy Manager Operations - Ienerziger

The Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Six Sigma Course is informative and instructional. The flow of the course makes it easy to assimilate various types of best practices. Learning is conducted in an interactive fun way making it easy to remember new ideas and methodologies for future recall

Priya Kohli – Lead Engineer – Samsung Electronics

Studying at Vindati was a great experience, and played a pivotal role in understanding the business sense. My professors put in every possible effort. They made sure my basics were crystal clear, and patiently cleared even the silliest of doubts. They understood my pattern of learning and taught me accordingly

Ritu Khatri – IT Consultant - Zomato